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Forage rape

This is a most useful crop and can be sown at any time from March to September providing food from Autumn to Spring.


More Winter hardy than English Giant and slightly shorter.


Broad-leaved variety and selected for its hardiness. Immense growth and a large broad leaf.


This is a cobalt blue flowered herb, said to have been introduced into Britain by the Romans, but is now considered to be indigenous. It is a fast growing annual completing its full growing cycle in about four months. The plants are very robust and hardy and with its rapid growth rate, it tends to smother out most weeds. Borage flowers attract both wild and honey bees in very large numbers. Sown in the Spring at 6 kilos per acre and swathed in July when seed-drop is imminent, this oil crop will thrive on most soil types.


We can offer Super Sweet varieties which have a higher sugar content and slower starch conversion to give a sweeter flavour.  Please contact us for availability.



This variety produces high green weight matter up to flowering. Church of Bures are the sole maintainers in the UK for Tilney Mustard. It has excellent standing ability and produces large volumes of green matter and residual fibre. There is a leaflet available from us, which offers all the necessary information.


Vetches are very important in UK agriculture. They form an essential part of any green manure mixture as their leafy plant is ideal for ploughing in to improve soil humus and structure. Arable silage mixtures also benefit from the inclusion of vetches.


It's nitrogen-fixing properties and ability to smother weeds due to its dense foliage make this an ideal part of the organic conversion process. As a leafy and leguminous plant it is an excellent cost effective crop especially on organic farms.