Products — Clovers

Red clover

Red Clover normally produces two main cuts and a small autumn cut. Most early varieties are traditionally known as Broad Red or Double Cut Clover. It is a useful component in the short-term grass mixtures for silage, haylage etc. Church of Bures are maintainers of Essex Broad and still grow the variety in Essex.


It is a 100% UK native variety in which we have specialised for a number of years. Produces heavy yielding hay and seed crops. It also provides a rich quality growth and leaves excellent soil fertility.

White clover

White clover is a low growing high tillering plant which is a very important constituent of our long term leys. In our mixtures we blend two varieties this enables maximum benefit in terms of flexibility to most multi purpose leys.


This is a blend of medium and large leaved white clovers which will help bulk the grass for cutting and grazing with excellent mid summer production without artificial fertilizer.

  • 50% Large leaf
  • 50% Medium leaf

Crimson Clover

Crimson Clover is a good choice for smothering weeds, fixing nitrogen and is a fast growing bulky green manure.  It has deep roots that penetrate the soil, a mass of foliage and when ploughed in helps to improve the soil structure.  It will also produce lovely crimson flowers that are very attractive to bees and other beneficial insects.



Yellow Sweet Clover

Fast to establish biennial legume.  Can sow from May onwards, strong rooting plant which improves soil structure.