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Church of Bures is actively involved in the production of 17 different varieties and supply over 40 different varities of peas each year.

Traditionally Maro has been the forerunner in terms of total tonnage.  As maintainers of the variety, the company grows the breeders seed in single acre plots which are inspected and rogued four times during the crop's development.  This enables us to produce and supply the cleanest stocks of Maro available in the world.

Church of Bures is the UK agent for Pure Line Seeds Inc. Pure Line are plant breeders who have been producing world-class quality vining peas for over 65 years. As well as importing the seed from the USA, we also produce seed in the UK. Growing contracts for vining pea seed are available and have proven to be a very lucrative break crop.

Church of Bures, are the owners and maintainers of Minerva maple peas. We have been growing this variety for many years and together with our involvement with the marketing of Swift maple peas our market share is now considerable in the pigeon pea seed industry

Picking Peas


A maincrop variety with dark green blunt ended pods. Heavy yielder. Height 30"/75 cm.


This variety is similar in characteristics to Onward although the pods and foliage are a darker green. A heavy yielder which matures 7 - 10 days earlier than Onward. Height 20"/50 cm.


Good yielding maincrop variety with long, curved, pointed pods. Height 28"/70 cm.


First early with dark green medium-sized pods. Strong popular variety which is robust and ideal for market growers. Height 18"/45 cm.


One of the most popular varieties in use today. It boasts a robust habit and produces a heavy crop year after year. Ideal for market growers. Height 24"/60 cm.


Edible podded variety with tender pods which should be eaten when young.
Height 40"/1.1 m.

Maple Peas


This is a Church of Bures variety. It is a purple flowered brown skinned pea which produces high yields, is early to mature with seed of good shape and colour. It is still the preferred variety for feeding to pigeons which makes it a valuable commodity. It is also ideal in various green forage and silage mixtures and the brown seeded peas can be sold into the feed market for grinding and inclusion into animal feed. Its popularity has increased steadily over recent years due to its value to organic farmers as green manure or as a deep-rooting full-foliage legume.


This semi-leafless maple pea yields higher and is easier to harvest than existing varieties. Swift is an established variety for the pigeon trade.

Vining Peas


A proven early variety  used both in the fresh market and for early freezing. Large seeded, full foliage, first early.


Excellent double podding early variety combining good yield and quality with excellent pea to vine ratio. Thrives on lighter soils.


A high yielding, triple pod, full foliage variety that has good powdery mildew resistance. Early maincrop.


A semi leafless early maincrop variety, with good field resistance and root rot tolerence.  A good yielder.


Late Season variety which can also be used for the fresh picking market. 9-11 peas per pod.  Strong tolerance to downy mildew.


A maincrop variety. Exceptional yields and quality. Produces consistent uniform sample. Double pointed pods, with 10 - 11 seeds per pod.


A very high yielding semi-leafless variety that produces 10 - 11 peas per pod. It stands well and the quality and colour are both good. Style has yielded over seven tonnes per hectare for canning. Prefers heavier highly fertile soils.

Seed Treatments


This treatment is to promote early root development.  Consisting of a combination of soluble nutrients and bio-active compounds.



With the withdrawal of Diquat, we must urge everyone who has a seed contract with us NOT to use any chemical containing Glyphosate to desiccate the crop, as this will severely effect the germination and render it 'not fit for the seed sales'.


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The above photograph shows Pureline Seeds trial plots at Warden, Washington, USA. Whilst visiting there last summer it was great to see their new varieties coming through and also experience the dedication of their breeding team